My body is a mysterious wonderland
  1. Myoclonic tics
    My head jerks to the left or right like 2-3 times a day. It freaks people out or they don't notice (i think it says something about their personality, whether they notice or not.) I think it started when I did drugs in high school. I sort of thought of it as "the chills" for a long time but lately it's so violent that I worry my neck is going to break and wonder how I could have ignored it for so many years
  2. Insensitive to novacaine
    Learned this the hard way!
  3. Broken toe that healed wrong
    Obtained via clumsiness. You CAN walk on a broken toe. Don't believe people who say you can't.
  4. Ehlers-Danloss Syndrome
    Type II! Also known as "benign hypermobility syndrome" also known as "loose ligaments" -- I'm bendy and also my shoulders hurt all day every day
  5. Poor Prioperception
    I'm very clumsy and a terrible driver and don't know where my limbs are in space most of the time!