Lifelong dream of entry achieved! Nerds, accept me!
  1. Decor has emphasis on the following motifs: puzzles, "astrology," paisley, stained glass. "Magic" theme not apparent from decor alone.
    It could just be a fancy Russian tea room
    It WaS InSANe!
  3. These high heels are too big and I am going to fall on the plush Persian carpet
    Dress code is strict!
  4. The paintings are all portraits but no one is doing anything normal. Old man looking down at his hands, baby naked in an upholstered chair, man with two sets of eyes, other man staring bug eyed into the distance.
    Welcome to the uncanny valley!
  5. Several women who were called upon to participate sort of 'resisted' the trick, taking a long time to do their task and calling a lot of attention to themselves.
    This is a weird way to react to the rhythm of a magic show -- "i'm not your typical audience dupe!" I wonder what made them this way, so unable to trust and so blind to the greater social need for them to just get on with it.
  6. Magician club members get to wear special gold lapel pins
    I found that I badly wanted these guys to notice me and then fall in love with me from just one glance