Forget the tiger photos.
  1. Dude poses shirtless on a bed surrounded by TOP RAMEN PACKETS
  2. A couple clearly looking for a 3rd person explains in their profile: #becausescience
  3. "I only have two emotions: hungry and horny. So if I don't have an erection, make me a sandwich"
    I'll just leave this one right here
  4. Clearly communicating your thoughts on cilantro, but not addressing the child in 3 of your pictures
  5. Receiving a message reply three months later and no one skips a beat
    Time travel is apparently possible with Tinder
  6. Stating your Myers-Briggs type as TMNT
    Okay, this was just awesome.
  7. See first item, replace Top Ramen with crinkled dollar bills
  8. When LARP photos aren't explained in the profile and it looks like they just had a really great on-theme Halloween party
  9. A dude traveling all over the world in his profile pictures. Wore the same red shirt in every one. Photos spanned years...
  10. A cat rap. Yes, 'about me' was a rhyme feline-style
  11. Someone using the 'super like' button to find an apartment
  12. Photos with kittens, grandmothers, nieces and nephews, paired with a super detailed profile section on their bdsm preferences.
    Dream combo?
  13. See first item, remove Top Ramen and add strategically placed Game Of Thrones Book
  14. A friend, and you took 90% of the photos they've used in their profile
  15. A former teacher
  16. 10 group photos and everyone has sunglasses on. (It's like next level Where's Waldo)
  17. The guy at the office / the coffee shop / the gym that you've been crushing on for a while AND THE PROFILE IS SUPER SKETCH.
  18. An ad for fast food
  19. Profile only has selfies taken from inside their car. And they are wearing a seat belt
  20. Your friend you didn't realize was single
  21. The guy who used his wedding photos
  22. The guy who was kissing a lion through the bars of its cage. (I mean, seriously)
  23. Using a celebrity image, stating its not you (no shit Sherlock) but will provide photos to interested parties.
    Gotta wonder, what's the success rate on that...
  24. The last person you dated
    Weird every time