2016: a photo for each month

Lotta highs, lotta lows. I think these are all photos of highs - who photographs lows?
  1. January: I teach a class for babies and their adults - we're making beehives with our hands here.
  2. February: Dan and I picked up our marriage license from the registrar. We were the only couple waiting in line without children in tow?
  3. March: we got married on my birthday - this was a good month (understatement of life).
  4. April: we were still on honeymoon in Big Sur, this was a cold-ass day at Limekiln state park.
  5. May: my back and hip were sore, so I helped friends move by watching their sweet baby.
  6. June: my friend Dave finished my new logo for my doula stuff.
  7. July: I went to Catalina Island (where I grew up) and visiting Buddhist monks led an alternative 4th of July parade.
  8. August: late afternoon light on the bedroom wall.
  9. September: Remember that sore back/hip? I got a bunch of acupuncture and chiropractic care for them (finally) in September and October.
  10. October: I went as an IUD for Halloween at the birth center where I work. My midwife friend Kelly dressed as Doc McStuffins.
  11. November: my sister gave birth at my work - I got to help the midwife with my new niece Piper's newborn exam.
  12. December: Apollo was very helpful with winter decorations.