Inspired by @ListPrompts - apparently I did a lot more this year than I remembered. Obviously these are high points (there are no photos of me having panic attacks, stressing over wedding plans, or grieving, for example), but it gives me hope for 2016 to reflect on the good times and accomplishments from this year.
  1. January
    Started the year knitting at my favorite coffeeshop
  2. February
    Turned in all my coursework and finished my doula certification! 🎉
  3. March
    The birthday fairy still comes, even when you're 27.
  4. April
    Finished a pair of socks I was knitting!
  5. May
    Playing music at a beloved 3 year old's birthday.
  6. June
    My best childhood friend got married and our dudes had a moment.
  7. July
    Holding one of my doula babies not too long after he was born.
  8. August
    What I read over summer
  9. September
    A snapshot from one of the classes I teach for babies and their adults every week.
  10. October
    Taught a mask-making workshop pre-Halloween/Muertos.
  11. November
    Had thanksgiving out in the backcountry of catalina island (where I was born and raised) with my family. A bison joined us for part of the meal.
  12. December
    Enjoyed Christmas in Yosemite national park with record snowfall and a Hudson Bay blanket permanently wrapped around my body.