Could've also called this list A Tale of Two Cities
  1. So I teach at a Waldorf school.
    Slightly relevant.
  2. One day I was on a break, sitting in the office with my friend Alice, our enrollment administrator.
  3. While I was scrolling through Facebook on my phone, I happened upon a particularly bucolic post from another Waldorf school, Detroit Waldorf School
  4. As I kept scrolling, I said absentmindedly to Alice, "Isn't it so weird how the two Detroits turned out so differently?"
  5. "What do you mean?"
  6. "Like, Detroit with the Waldorf school is pretty nice and safe seeming, but then there's like, Detroit, motor city. The two Detroits are just so different."
  7. "When you say 'the two Detroits,' do you mean figuratively?
  8. "Uh, no - there's Detroit in Michigan with the Waldorf school - you know, where Sufjan went, and then there's Detroit, like motor city."
    I went to college! Aced geography, even!
  9. "Okay, so you feel like there are two LITERAL Detroits - one in Michigan, and a totally different one in another state. Where's the other one, Sarah?"
    First moment of self-doubt.
  10. "Illinois maybe? Near Chicago?"
    As soon as I say this I know I am so wrong. There is only one Detroit.
  11. We laughed until we cried, I acknowledged my geographic misconception gracefully, and mostly forgot about it UNTIL this morning...
  12. !!!!
  13. Don't even know what to think RN.