Inspired by @zoe
  1. coffee
    Triple shot almond milk mocha, easy on the chocolate, no whip. If I think I might have more caffeine later in the day, or if I'm doing something important or anxiety triggering later, I'll skip this or make it decaf.
  2. breakfast at home
    Small bowl of oatmeal with cinnamon and cloves and a small scoop of plain whole milk yogurt, or 2 eggs scrambled in the pan with a handful of greens. Frittata on the weekend
  3. breakfast out
    Waffles and sausage
  4. cocktail
    A Manhattan with a couple extra cherries
  5. haircut
    I cut my own hair, pretty much just haphazardly trim it whenevs, it's so long it doesn't really matter. I know I'll probably feel mortified about it when I finally get a pro cut again, but hey, at least I use nice shears.
  6. ice cream
    Chocolate, with pretzels or a fine sprinkle of salt
  7. movie snack
    Peanut butter m&ms, other nice chocolate, anything that doesn't make noise when you open or eat it.
  8. anxiety attack
    Definitely in the car, usually while stuck in traffic (esp on bridges 😀), lots of shaky breathing/counting, vv irritable, usually only a minute or two long
  9. pizza
    Zpizza's casablanca, or really any white pizza - I love garlic, onion, and clouds of ricotta 😜