I'm a public radio junkie. This is the shit I like to listen to on walks, runs, drives, and while I cook/clean 😎
  1. Fresh Air
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    Classic interview hour with Terry Gross.
  2. White Wine, True Crime
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    My genius friend hosts this show, in which she and local comedians drink white wine and review true crime stories/movies/tv shows. Their multi part series on "The Jinx" made my face hurt.
  3. Women of the Hour
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    Loved it, @lenadunham
  4. Savage Lovecast
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    Sex, love, and relationship advice from the best.
  5. This American Life
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    Oh, Ira 😍😍😍
  6. Sporkful
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  7. The Longest Shortest Time
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    Amazing storytelling about early parenthood, the longest shortest time in a person's life.
  8. How to be Amazing with Michael Ian Black
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    Compelling and funny interviews with artists sharing their lessons learned and paths taken. Really enjoyed the 2 part David Sedaris episode.
  9. The Dead Authors' Podcast
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    Paul F Tompkins plays HG Wells and uses the famous time machine to bring dead authors to UCB theater in LA, all to benefit 826LA, a nonprofit after school writing and tutoring center.
  10. Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me!
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    The weekly NPR news quiz show. Fave panel member: Mo Rocca. No contest.
  11. The Mortified Podcast
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    Adults sharing writings from their most awkward years.
  12. Radiolab
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    Super stimulating science storytelling.
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    Free Adnan!
  14. Mystery Show
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    Solving unGoogleable mysteries.
  15. 99% Invisible
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    Investigating the architecture and design (good and bad) that underplays our everyday lives.
  16. I think there's a couple I'm forgetting - I guess I listen to more than I realized!!