What I've craved on this Whole30

  1. Day one, afternoon: A carob milk shake from the best sandwich place in my hometown. They're long closed now, so an easy craving to shake off.
  2. Day one, evening: any chocolate. Any.
  3. The m&ms on Kevin's desk when he's using Jim's office while he's on honeymoon
  4. Day 2 PM: Koala Yummies - or Pocky, or Yan Yan...any chocolate/biscuit combo I could get at Daiso.
  5. Day 3, AM - Waffles - my first non chocolate craving!
  6. Day 3 PM: Cookies. Overwhelming craving!! Watching more of The Office to distract myself...
  7. Day 4, PM: Reese's PB cups - hey, I didn't crave anything this AM...yayyyy
  8. Day 6, PM 🍫 - can't you be more creative, brain??
  9. Day 7 afternoon: I was printing a recipe for lactation cookies for a patient today and had an sudden and lingering craving for making my own chocolate chip cookie dough and eating it...YUM.