Windows 1998, anyone?
  1. Putt Putt saves the zoo
    The original classic. The elephant and the mouse. The sleeping pride of lions. Cutting the ribbon to the zoo at the end when you won. Putt putt travels through time was cool, too.
  2. Zoombinis
    Those little blue guys were so cute. Pre-minions.
  3. Oregon Trail
    Ford the river, or caulk the wagon and float?? Also taught me that the proper way to cure snake bites was for someone else to suck the poison out for you and spit it out. That's definitely come in handy in life.
  4. Backyard Baseball
    Swing batta batta batta swing! We want a pitcher, not a belly itcher!! Also backyard soccer and backyard football.
  5. Spy Fox in Dry Cereal
    The gadgets were so cool. Also loved the ozone layer one and some assembly required.
  6. Pajama Sam
    No need to hide when it's dark outside, and Pajama Sam 2: thunder and lightning aren't so frightening. These were such good ones. A game of cheese and crackers, anyone?
  7. Freddi Fish and the missing kelp seeds
  8. 4th grade adventures
    Something educational about Mayan ruins. I always felt smart for playing it when I was not yet in fourth grade.
  9. Rollercoaster Tycoon
    Loved making the umbrellas different colors and watching all the different ones pop up when it rained. Also vomit. So much vomit.
  10. The Sims
    My longest running computer game obsession, lasting from 2001-2007 probably.
  11. Detective Barbie Carnival Mystery
    This was actually REALLY hard. And the culprit changed each time you played, which was awesome. There was also a cool water slide in the carnival.
  12. Nancy Drew: The Final Scene
    Literally the hardest computer game there ever was. My brother and I gave up, and my mom started playing it. I don't think she solved it, either.