Requested by @sally
For @sally and all the other New Yorkers on here that feel me
  1. Grocery stores in New York are the absolute worst
  2. Space does not exist
    You will knock over four people trying to get to that can of chickpeas. And don't even think about pushing a cart. Claustrophobia is unavoidable.
  3. Too many people
    Everyone and their mother goes grocery shopping at the exact same time (weeknights and weekends). But actually, everyone.
  4. The store layout
    Because there is no space, everything is crammed together, with no apparent order. Sometimes there are even 2 floors. I can't find anything ever. This is what drives me the most crazy.
  5. Groceries are too expensive
    Am I even saving money if this orange juice is $6?
  6. Long lines
    Have you seen the checkout lines at Trader Joe's in Union Square??? It is out of control.
  7. There aren't enough Trader Joe's
    Hence the super long lines, see above.
  8. Those delis that think they're grocery stores are way too overpriced
    Suggested by @suesmith
  9. Grocery stores before major weather events are the worst of all
    The mob scene at the grocery store before the "blizzard" was by far more intense than any blizzard that occurred this winter.
  10. Screw the grocery stores
    I'm ordering seamless.