This is the oldest draft I have. Wasn't going to publish it, but with the abundance of fake Hamilton tickets going around, thought it might help someone. Needless to say, I learned it the hard way a few years back.
  1. The person's name
    Is their name too generic? This could be a reason to be suspicious. Pretty sure the person who scammed me told me his name was Dan Brown or something similar. If it seems too basic, ask to see a drivers license.
  2. Check name in Facebook/LinkedIn
    Ask them to send you their social media profiles. If you can't find it or they won't, bad sign
  3. Look for iPhone texts
    Obviously it's possible they have an android or other non-iPhone phone, but if the texts are blue, it is far more legit because it is likely their real phone
  4. What is the price
    If the price is too good to be true... That's probably because it is
  5. Ticketmaster transfer
    Not sure about Hamilton, but for most tickets bought on ticketmaster there should be an option for the person to transfer the tickets directly to your account. If they are unwilling to do it and say they only have hard copy, this is a warning sign. Hard copy tickets can look very real and be very fake (as I learned)
  6. Venmo
    Will they let you pay them on venmo? Venmo has to be linked to Facebook or SSN (weirdly that is the option) to send and receive large sums of money, so this is a more legit way to pay than cash because it's almost definitely their real identity
  7. Why are they selling the tickets
    Ask a few questions about why they are looking to sell the tickets and see if it makes logical sense. Don't just hear what you want to hear or skip the small talk
  8. Be ageist
    I'm encouraging you to stereotype. Does it make sense that a person this age would have a ticket for this event? Scammers can be any age (and anyone can attend any event), but if a lot of the other things don't add up, this could be the tipping point. For me specifically, I bought mad decent tickets off a 50-year old, and should have known better
  9. How does it feel
    If there's a weird vibe... Sometimes when you think something is off, it's because something is off
  10. Good luck
    Hopefully some of my skepticism will prevent future scams!! If you do get scammed, make a new Craigslist post with some info about the scammer so hopefully someone looking to buy tickets will see it. Do not make a fake email address and respond to the ad again and ask for your money back like I did, because you won't get it back (but at least you will confirm the tickets are fake)