I support it all 💯
  1. Avocado toast
    And avocados in general
  2. Boyhood
    Great movie
  3. Hating Boyhood
    Hip to be a non conformist
  4. Inside out
    We love feelings
  5. Mental health
    V in support of this
  6. Online dating
    OKCupid and tinder terrors provide excellent list material
  7. Life advice
    How to stay in love, what I would tell myself 15 years ago, so many more
  8. NYC & LA
    Best spots to eat, poop, cry
  9. Jewishness
    Even the shiksas went to bat mitzvahs
  10. The 💯 emoji
  11. Itself
    We love everyone on ListApp, we love ListApp, we love to love ListApp