Welcome to ListApp @Nathaniel
  1. Best bookstores in NYC
  2. Favorite candle scents
  3. Best cafes to do a little work
  4. Reasons why living in Chinatown is the worst
  5. Weird things I have seen while living in Chinatown
  6. Reasons why the Bonnaroo 2012 lineup was the best
  7. Weird lingo I use
    Feeling weird? Hard yes.
  8. Times I like to listen to Bon Iver
    All the time?
  9. Things to do in Crown Heights
    And why I'm going to move there
  10. Characteristics of my type
    Jewish, facial hair, basically me...
  11. Deodorants ranked from least to most feminine
  12. Things that are good with sriracha
  13. Best Hells Kitchen bars
    Therapy obvs
  14. Best brunch spots in Nolita / Little Italy
    Forgtmenot, Bread etc
  15. Times people have thought my roommate and I are dating
    And how I encourage it
  16. The one that got away
    And other tinder dates
  17. Times I've made plans with other people
    Just kidding, this list would have zero items
  18. Things my Jewish mother says
  19. Why I hate Looking but also couldn't stop watching it
  20. Reasons I'm excited to be on ListApp
    No more #fomo