The weirdest week of my life
  1. Zebras direct traffic
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    People dressed like zebras direct traffic, and literally no one follows any sort of traffic laws. World's most dangerous job.
  2. Reservations do not exist
    We called hostels in advance via Skype to reserve a room, we spoke in Spanish. We were given confirmation of our reservation over Skype, only to be told upon arrival that our room was not reserved, because the hostel does not ever take reservations. This happened every time.
  3. Salt Flats perspective photos
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    This is me with my passport. I did not lose my passport. The Salt Flats were v cool.
  4. La Paz's traveling cocaine bar
    "Route 36" aka La Paz's underground cocaine bar. Sadly learned about this place on our last day (from a crazy fellow British traveler who had gone and it sounded insane). People would apparently stay for days on a binge. The location changed frequently, but many of the cabbies knew where it was.
  5. World's Most Dangerous Road
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    We biked "La calle del muerte" on our very first day. Aka road of death. Our guide casually mentioned that on the last ride he guided, two guys broke their collarbones. They made us take a shot of some sort of whiskey before we began. There were crosses all over the roads. It was terrifying and one of the only days I have ever prayed. This picture is of our group.
  6. The cook was feeling tired
    After a long morning of hiking, we went to a restaurant on the outskirts of town for lunch that was highly recommended by my Rough It Guide to Bolivia. We ordered our food (probably some type of quinoa), and waited about twenty minutes, at which point the waiter came out and told us the cook was feeling tired and decided to go home for the day. No quinoa for us. Dan got heated in Spanish.
  7. We had a great time though, never get tired of reminiscing of the strange adventure that was Bolivia #toliets
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