I'm sorry that this probably isn't the intended use of ListApp but ...
  1. I'm looking for roommates in my NYC apartment
    On the UES. Nice place.
  2. It's so stressful
    What if I end up stuck with a terrible rando
  3. I don't want to do the Craigslist thing
    So many randos
  4. I've had pretty good luck with roommates so far
    I've been spoiled
  5. Now they are leaving me
  6. I think there are perks to living with me??
    I throw a good potluck brunch
  7. I'm also clean and normal and cool
    This is my personal opinion
  8. If you know anyone looking send me way!!
  9. Or if you have any general advice. Or even just if you feel my struggle.
  10. 🆘