🌈 I might need more straight friends... 👬👬👬🙋🏻
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    Really big dancey place in east Williamsburg. Like the Hell's Kitchen spots, but more space = better
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    Favorite Hell's Kitchen spot. Usually pretty good music, always have a great time. I am convinced I may possibly have peed myself here once though 😕
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    Not a fully gay bar, but definitely gay friendly so I'm including it on the list. Deep in alphabet city, which is probably why it's not super crowded, always has good music and is a reliably fun dancey spot. The taxidermy is a nice character touch.
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    Boiler room
    Fun divey bar in EV, the drinks are cheap and STRONG. My friends always get the Long Island Iced Teas and it's aggressive but definitely does the trick.
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    Hell's Kitchen dancey spot with drag queens which is always fun. Tends to be a little less crowded than the other clubby HK spots, which is ideal. We even came on Pride and it was crowded but not unbearable. And have I mentioned the drag queens are awesome and lip sync to Nicki?
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    Flaming saddles
    Really fun happy hour or evening spot in HK, with dancers strutting their stuff on the bar and a good friendly atmosphere
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    HK sports at with a nice outdoor, rooftop area but it can also get full and the downstairs is less nice
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    Eastern bloc
    Usually the stop after many drinks at Boiler Room and I'm honestly too drunk to remember too much of what this bar is like. It's fun and has a photo booth.
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    Gay dive bar right down the street from Hardware. The perfect stop when you're trying to briefly get away from the clubby dancey scene.
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    Cuban (?) gay bar on the more low-key, divey side in Chelsea. Long and narrow, a good spot if you're not trying to club.
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    Dancey gay bar in EV, a little grimy, one time I was there they were offering free drinks to guys who would whip their cock out so yeah v classy
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    Love gun
    The newest in the conglomerate of Anderson Cooper's boyfriend's gay empire (he owns #3, #8, and #16), this Williamsburg spot is nice... It's trying a little too hard to be cool, but I like it. There's good people watching from the top section and drag queens walking around (at the least the night I went) which is always fun.
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    This n' That
    Dancey grimey Williamsburg spot. Good as the last stop of the night but very clubby. I think they have performances as well.
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    Gay sports at in Chelsea. I've only been during the day and sat in the small outdoor section in the back which was nice. I image it is pretty crowded at night.
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    The Ritz
    Hell's Kitchen, very club, hot, two levels, very crowded, fun music, video screens on the walls. One time the entire BeyoncĂŠ halftime show played on the screen as the music. And it was amazing. There are only men's bathrooms and then one unisex single bathroom.
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    Also very clubby, hot, crowded, fun to dance on the stage. Ranked low because it just seems pretty grimey to me and one time they didn't let me in wearing sandals because my feet would be cut by glass... v questionable.
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    Atlas social club
    It's a more low key / trying to be cool loungey spot in HK (though there is a small dancefloor that no one is on). The best part by far is the semi private room in the back which has AC !!!! It's nothing personal that it's ranked near the bottom but one time I had bad diarrhea here...
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    Lol the name. UES spot on my street that tends to be a little older. There are young dancers in cages. It's a weird place. They have karaoke and bingo and trivia nights during the week. Wonder what that is like...