Young, gullible, and confused since 1991
  1. If I swallowed gum I would die for 7 years
    Legitimately chewed gum for the first time at age 15
  2. The stock market was a room full of fancy chairs
    Misheard a fellow third grader talk about buying "shares" of the stock market and thought it was a classroom full of intricate chairs worth thousands of dollars
  3. Watching too much TV would turn my eyes square
    Definitely planted by my parents to discourage television use
  4. If I crossed my eyes for too long they would get stuck that way
    Common misconception, terrified of crossing my eyes for years, still feel a little wary
  5. Swallowing watermelon seeds would make a watermelon grow in my stomach
    Only the black seeds
  6. In magic
    Still remember the day when I asked my mom if magic was real and she gave me some vague answer along the lines of just because it is happening instead your head Avery why on earth should that mean it is not real? It was not unlike the scene in Boyhood.