I hate it but like I also love to talk about how I hate it because I still love it
  1. Grocery stores
    It's been 10 months and I still can't find anything at Fairway. I may or may not have cried in the middle of a grocery store aisle once. Or more than once.
  2. Reservations at restaurants
    If you're not reserving your table at ABC kitchen exactly 31 days in advance on opentable, forget about it. Alternatively, for places that don't take reservations, you're lucky if you wait under 2 hours for that tiny table that isn't large enough for your party. At least brunch is bottomless though.
  3. Rent
    Oh, you live in a shoebox? Yeah, me too.
  4. Concerts that sell out in five minutes
    And then people sell $20 tickets for exorbitant prices on StubHub and I end up going alone because I'm the only one that got a ticket on time.
  5. Crowded LES bars and/or long lines for Artichoke Basil Pizza
    Where did all of you people come from? Go home.