Suburban east SF Bay Area high school
  1. Playing water polo
    I think we were #1 in the nation my senior year #sports
  2. So4mo
    "Sneak out for make out"
  3. Having a carpool spot
    In the school parking lot
  4. Going to Bianca's for lunch
    We didn't have an open campus so if you left for lunch you were a #rebel
  5. Going to Nations
    Late night burger joint in the center of town. Everyone would go here after parties broke up and after school dances
  6. ECNAD
    DANCE backwards. The big party that was always thrown Halloween weekend. Always broken up by cops and whoever didn't get in their car / run fast enough was in danger of an MIP
  7. Drinking at elementary schools
    We would sneak out and get drunk late at night at the elementary and middle schools before we were old enough to have / go to parties. Retrospectively it's very weird that we did this. I blame it on California not having basements
  8. Hotboxing cars at grizzly peak
    Beautiful views of the east bay from the Berkeley hills. Everyone either smoking or hooking up. Actually this is still cool
  9. Hyphy music
    We listened to so much e-40, mistah fab, keak da sneak, and Mac dre, and we were all so, so white
  10. Ice blocking
    Buying large blocks of ice from Safeway and sneaking onto the golf course at night and sliding down the hills on the ice. West coast sledding?
  11. Senior lawn
    Area at the top of the quad that only seniors could hang out in
  12. Leadership class
    It was cool to be a pep rally leader and homecoming royalty. Friday night football and basketball games were a thing
  13. Gossiping about the crafts teacher
    He was young and attractive and supposedly hooked up with several students