When a little fomo over someone's abroad insta turns into a full blown affliction
  1. Wow [person]'s picture in [exotic location] looks fun/ beautiful/ amazing
    Shit they're killing it at life
  2. Should I be living abroad rn?
    I skip to this question v quickly
  3. Suddenly I can picture my whole life somewhere else
    I could work. I would make friends. I would explore. I would live frugally.
  4. The options are endless
    English speaking only if I wanted to work and make money though
  5. If only my job had offices in other cities
    Hospitals don't really work like that
  6. If only I liked teaching
    I could teach English somewhere cool
  7. Like that other girl I know teaching in Thailand
    She looks like she really enjoys her life
  8. Maybe I should just do a quick google search for jobs in Australia
    I heard it's easy to get holiday working visas there
  9. Or maybe I should go somewhere Spanish speaking
    I would totally be working on a marketable skill
  10. I should check Argentinian Craigslist
    This nanny job asks for body measurements and requires a headshot with the application...
  11. Will I regret it if I never do it
  12. Am I wasting my youth
    It's not like I'm very likely to live abroad when I'm married and/or have kids
  13. If I don't know what I'm doing with my life, maybe I should not know what I'm doing in an international place
  14. But it will be really hard to do alone
    I really like my friends here
  15. I do like my life in New York
    I feel the urge start to fade
  16. I have a good job here
    I should probably get back to doing it
  17. Whew. That was exhausting.
    Until next time