I love Craigslist
  1. Murder mystery board game: Wall Street edition
    First ever Craig's purchase. Made my friend drive me to a sketchy stop & shop in 2011 to purchase the game. Still own it, still never played. Each guest has a cassette tape to listen to pre-party to prepare their character. Do cassette tape players even still exist?
  2. Air Conditioner
    Felt a little bit like Abby and Ilana on broad city, stole a grocery cart from Fairway to bring the AC home. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
  3. Crock pot slow cooker
    Apparently these are cheap and I didn't need to buy off Craigslist
  4. George foreman panini press
    Ditto above. Man in Allston and I exchanged many emails to coordinate the pickup of this baby. When I met him, he said "most anyone has ever emailed about a panini press." Don't think I ever used this because my housemate had a panini press too, don't know where it went.
  5. My bed
    Got a lot of disapproval for this one because #bedbugs and other dangers. New beds are expensive though. Only had this bed for a year because it kept breaking if you put too much pressure / movement on it. Yikes.
  6. A new friend
    Not from the personals section. Bought concert tickets off a guy who had a Facebook for his guinea pig. Guinea pig man proceeded to send me invitations to free/promotional events for the next six months and it was awesome. It stopped and I miss it all the time.