I'm mainly posting this here to keep & look at when I'm feeling uninspired. also, these are all from the last day because i did a horrible job keeping up with things prior to that.
  1. i love this horse so much & if you aren't familiar with natural horsemanship, i really recommend you look it up. so freaking cool.
  2. they were resetting a scene with a bunch of extras & we found this fabulous selfie lighting. it deserved to be celebrated.
  3. seriously. also, i have no clue who the woman in the back is but she was cracking me up.
  4. and one more.
  5. we tried to recreate the selfie lighting to show lindsley. it was a no go.
  6. ok fun fact i was high key obsessed with rachel like five minutes into my first day of filming. and then we lowkey became friends so i was super excited.
  7. that doesn't mean i stopped trying to force her to be my friend anymore, though. here's me being annoying in the makeup trailer. (i promise she doesn't hate me as much as this picture gives off).
  8. i didn't think she liked me the first two days but, by the third day, she whipped out her phone and started taking selfies with me (not this one- they were much funnier), so i was excited to have another pal on set (especially one who is such a positive person to be around)