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  1. Harry styles
  1. Gone down the one direction rabbit hole
  2. Just kidding best thing that ever happened to me!
  1. Fairy with a snow suit costume underneath
  2. Angel with a snow suit costume underneath
  3. Gypsy with a snow suit costume underneath (what the early 90's were not a politically correct time)
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  1. The leafs
  2. The jays
  3. Sometimes another team if I'm in their city and I want to fit it cause I don't really care about sports
  1. My stuffed animal buddy who I've had since I was born and who looks like a teddy bear but is in fact a stuffed potato...bud the spud
  2. Pictures of my mom and dad when they were young and hip...pies
  3. The locket my mom gave me when I was 5 and obsessed with Annie
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  1. A koala...that's it. I have simple tastes
My track and field records from middle and high school
  1. An article I wrote for some weird think tank about Edward snowden
  2. My linked in profile where I smile creepily in my grad gown
  1. Eating icing out of the can
  2. Eating raw cookie dough
  3. Drinking a bottle of white wine and binge watching Gilmore girls and/or barefoot contessa
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Basically anything by Nancy Myers/Nora ephron/aimed at women 50+
  1. When Harry met sally
  2. It's complicated (I'm sorry but seeing Meryl Streep and Steve Martin fake high AND my dream kitchen in one movie)
  3. You've got mail
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