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  1. Anything Harry Potter related
    I loved the books as a child but Jesus H. Christ, jk Rowling should stop beating this dead horse of a franchise.
  2. Periscope
    And anything that happens on it.
  3. Li.sts with Gifs
    I like this app because it isn't Buzzfeed.
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Inspired by @sky. Buckle in, I've been to a few
  1. Maine
    Early September, walking on the rocky beach in Cape Elizabeth with my uncle, being wet and cold but so deliriously happy.
  2. Vermont
    Immense nostalgia and gratitude, walking with my dad around his college town.
  3. New Hampshire
    Seeing Leslie!! Talking in Dirt Cowboy (coffee shop) until close.
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They've definitely experimented more than any metal band, with mixed results.
  1. Carpe Diem Baby
    A slow, rolling, heavy song that sounds like the dirges of Master Of Puppets with the lyrical content of Metallica. Fun. Sexy. Off. The James Franco of latter day Metallica.
  2. No Leaf Clover
    They've never released a studio version of this song, which is a damn shame because it's so good. Anthemic chorus.
  3. Dyers Eve
    Metallica has never played this song live (as far as YouTube shows), likely because it's way too difficult. This song is pure rage, lyrically and musically. Cathartic to listen to.
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Inspired by @lgw
  1. Sandwich
    PB&J. Wheat bread, strawberry jelly, crunchy peanut butter. Put in a plastic bag and shoved in a backpack to ripen for a few hours.
  2. Breakfast sandwich
    English muffin (toasted, I'm not a monster), cream cheese, spinach, siracha and a fried egg.
  3. Mixed drink
    Something purchased with my older sister's fake. Sorry mom!
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ESPECIALLY in the summer
  1. Waking up suuuuuuuuper toasty
  2. The small rush that comes from trying to throw off all of my blankets and find a sweatshirt in one fluid motion.
  3. Firing up the camping stove/pushing the on button on my coffeemaker
    Not quite the same sensation but I'll take what I can get
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  1. Lord of the Flies
    Currently actually finishing this one. It was on a reading list in middle school and I faked my way through discussions on it. Oops.
  2. No Country For Old Men
    Yeah, I haven't even started this one.
  3. Walden
    I have a vague understanding of what transcendentalism is, so why should I have to suffer through a 200+ page diatribe against...taxes? Maybe I should consult the cliff's notes.
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Inspired by @bjnovak
  1. Patagonia (snap tee, one vintage blue, one synchilla purple)
  2. Rainbow (wide strap. They started off light brown but now...dark brown/black)
  3. Pink (7 for $27. Always)