Inspired by @sky. Buckle in, I've been to a few
  1. Maine
    Early September, walking on the rocky beach in Cape Elizabeth with my uncle, being wet and cold but so deliriously happy.
  2. Vermont
    Immense nostalgia and gratitude, walking with my dad around his college town.
  3. New Hampshire
    Seeing Leslie!! Talking in Dirt Cowboy (coffee shop) until close.
  4. Massachusetts
    12 close friends crammed into a basement, playing round the world ping pong.
  5. New York
    Seeing a girl. Driving through Lake George. Amazing bagels in Ithaca. JFK airport after a long time abroad.
  6. New Jersey
    City traffic.
  7. Pennsylvania
    Playing lacrosse in the driving rain, losing, reading Stephen King on the way home.
  8. Maryland
    Falling asleep on a guy on the bus in 8th grade, the Barnes and noble that used to be a factory.
  9. West Virginia
    Capsizing my boat while white water rafting the New River gorge, nearly drowning, overdramatizing the experience.
  10. Virginia
    Touring colonial Williamsburg, cringing at the costumes with the practiced apathy of a 14 year old.
  11. North Carolina
    Firecrackers, mosquitos, and toddlers.
  12. South Carolina
    Biking the wide island roads at night, feeling alone with the screaming bugs and wind.
  13. Georgia
    Catholic Mass in Savannah. To paraphrase David Foster Wallace, a really fun thing I'll never do again.
  14. Florida
    Eating a cheeseburger on the beach, trying to fend off the seagulls.
  15. Tennessee
    Seeing Memphis and Graceland, almost moved to tears over the dilapidated beauty of the place.
  16. Kentucky
    Singing with my school choir in the caves at Mammoth Cave national park. Haunting. Also, obnoxious.
  17. Indiana
    Stomach flu at a mall subway in South Bend.
  18. Michigan
    Finding a perfectly bleached turtle shell in the woods.
  19. Illinois
    Standing at the top of the world, Ferris Bueller style.
  20. Colorado
    My second home. My bunk bed, reigning over the cabin. Overfilling the wood stove to create a sauna. Endlessly looking at Mount Massive. My heart seizing when the snow first fell. My lungs seizing after running 10 miles. So many campsites.
  21. Wyoming
    Falling asleep driving from Jackson Hole to Yellowstone, climbing on Middle Teton, odd interactions with tourists at Old Faithful.
  22. Montana
    Crossing the state line and feeling a weight off my soul. Freedom and lawlessness in the backcountry. Silence. Jesus-style falls into alpine lakes.
  23. Utah
    Reading into the Wild on the way to Moab, drinking out of puddles, the most cold I've ever been in my entire life, rice and beans, sun poisoning, seeing the boys, ancient ruins.
  24. Arizona
    Driving to Sedona. Feeling a spiritual tug to all those rocks. The glassblowing studio in Jerome. Burgers with guacamole. Mom. Jack.
  25. California
    Walking in Palo Alto, the children's museum that captivated me wholly.
  26. Alaska
    Whale watching, feeling at home in the pines and fjords. Seeing glaciers and fearing bears. Crying when I had to leave. Pink corduroy pants.
  27. Honorable mentions:
    Washington and Minnesota: great airports!
  28. And of course
  29. Ohio