1. Lord of the Flies
    Currently actually finishing this one. It was on a reading list in middle school and I faked my way through discussions on it. Oops.
  2. No Country For Old Men
    Yeah, I haven't even started this one.
  3. Walden
    I have a vague understanding of what transcendentalism is, so why should I have to suffer through a 200+ page diatribe against...taxes? Maybe I should consult the cliff's notes.
  4. The Rape of Lucrece
    I garnered the plot from title.
  5. Missoula
    In my defense, this book is a harrowing description of the college campus rape epidemic and I physically could not bear to read the rest. Not a funny answer, oops.
  6. Infinite Jest
    Location 175 of 24701 on my kindle!
  7. Absalom, Absalom!
    There are two copies in my house and I'm still deciding which cover art I like better.