Inspired by @lgw
  1. Sandwich
    PB&J. Wheat bread, strawberry jelly, crunchy peanut butter. Put in a plastic bag and shoved in a backpack to ripen for a few hours.
  2. Breakfast sandwich
    English muffin (toasted, I'm not a monster), cream cheese, spinach, siracha and a fried egg.
  3. Mixed drink
    Something purchased with my older sister's fake. Sorry mom!
  4. Haircut
    My last haircut was with a pair of first aid kit scissors in the middle of the desert. Guerrilla style and unprofessional. All one length.
  5. Pizza
    Wood fired, pesto, all the meat available, and an egg cracked over the top.
  6. Shoes
    Vans classic slip ons in a primary color.
  7. Section(s) of the New York Times
    Opinion, Magazine, Main(? Whatever the section the front page is attached to)