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  1. List of Lists of Lists A Listapp Droste Effect. Actually...
  2. Droste Effect I love this effect, but I always forget what it's called. Putting it here for safe keeping. A similar phenomenon in audio is...
  3. Shepard Tone I used it in this Vine// Speaking of weird audio stuff...
  4. Chalkboard scraping Isn't it weird that we all have this terrible reaction to a specific sound? This Wikipedia page discusses why, although it doesn't say why we get chills just THINKING about the sound. (Do other people get that or just me?)
  5. Pataphysics When I was a kid at summer camp, Wavy Gravy complimented me on my Pataphysical comedy. I had no idea what that was, and I forgot about it for 15 years. Only recently did I discover this page. Also mentioned in "Maxwell's Silver Hammer."
  6. Musha Cay (Trigger warning on this one.) This is an island owned by David Copperfield. For a while, he was calling in to morning shows, claiming he'd found the fountain of youth on this island, which is insane. Youtube it. Also, he allegedly trapped a woman there and assaulted her, which is horrifying and I think most people don't know about it.
  7. List of Fictional Islands (I'm debating whether or not to remove that last one. I think it's a crazy, terrifying story, but maybe this isn't the place for it? Let me know if you think I should delete it.)
  8. Calculator spelling Nostalgic fun. 58008
  9. Mnemonic Peg System For a few months I got super into memory challenges. I worked on memorizing decks of cards. Then I realized life is short and what was I doing.
  10. The Turk I also went through an automata phase. I wanted to build them, and then I remembered that I don't have any equipment or technical knowledge or time.
  11. Mary Toft I LOVE a good hoax.
  13. Disambiguation (Disambiguation) A lil Wikipedia ouroboros.
  14. Baldwin Street Steepest residential street!
  15. Thought Experiment Lots of fun stuff to dig through here.
  16. Bloop
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