1. A man's car breaks down on a desolate stretch of highway. He decides to hitchhike into town for help. An old man stops and offers him a ride. But the drive is like 20 minutes AND THEY HAVE NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT!!!! (lightning crack!)
  2. A couple buys an old house on a hill. On their first night sleeping there, they hear a moan coming from the attic. A bunch of other stuff happens...turns out the house is haunted. Anyway, they try to get their money back, but THE CONVERSATION WITH THEIR REALTOR IS SUPER AWKWARD! (lightning crack!)
  3. Some high schoolers go on a camping trip. But they get all turned around in the woods and they're running out of food. It's freezing. So they decide to split up — a group of three and and a group of two. The twosome is this guy, Andy, and this other dude, Rick.
    They're *technically* friends, but they've never really hung out one-on-one, so that's weird. And Rick is kind of quiet — Andy's REALLY working to keep the conversation going. It's bad. After a while, Andy's just describing episodes of "Cheers." Just, anything to fill the silence. THEN THEY SLOWLY DIE OF STARVATION! (lightning crack!)
  4. At Rick and Andy's funeral, EVERYONE IS FORCED INTO SMALLTALK!!! (lightning crack!! more lightning! A ghoulish cackle! Again: lightning! Talking to people is the worst.)