Recruiters talk to thousands of people every week. How do you remain on the top of their list?
  1. Have skills and be able to talk about them.
    You can add all the skills in the world to your LinkedIn profile. But if you can't speak to them, that's not something I'm interested in.
  2. Be available
    I know things get busy and you will have to return a call or two here and there. But if it's days between the time I call you and I hear back, we have a problem. At least send an email or a text.
  3. Know your shit
    Self explanatory right? Any questions, hit me up on Twitter @theDSMrecruiter
  4. Be professional
    For example, when you send an email, I don't want to see any LOL's or thru's. Take the time to be professional and it will go a long way.
  5. Follow up
    As mentioned, recruiters talk to thousands of people every week. Take some initiative and follow up with them, instead of them with you all the time.