Quick little life snapshot 😊
  1. "I'm really excited 😍 I miss my lex!!"
    From a friend who I don't see nearly enough, but who I love madly. Context: a new breakfast place opened near her home that serves fried chicken eggs Benedict. I was the first person she thought of upon learning this. Not sure what that says about me..
  2. "Well if you like weird then I'm kinda cool"
    Context: "getting to know you" conversation with a boy from tinder I have not met IRL yet.
  3. "I work :("
    From my best friend/soulmate 💕 context: I asked if she was free to walk the seawall and drink iced coffee and talk and be best friends.
  4. "No!!!"
    From my roommate. Context: reaction to this picture of our kitten the first day we brought her home.
  5. "Prince :("
    From my mom. Self explanatory :(