A list in chronological order of all the phones I've owned.
  1. Age 14, this beauty flip phone
    You may recognize this phone from dramatic phone conversations on tv shows such as the OC and one tree hill. Fun fact: this was the first colour screen phone Samsung ever made. I inherited it from my dad, and my sister was PISSED because she didn't get her first phone until she was 16. It pays to be the baby.
  2. Age 15, Motorola krzr (red) edition
    I thought this was the coolest possible phone. Slimmer and sexier than the razr. I loved it dearly until one night drinking beer in a park with guys over the age of 20, it took a swim in a beer and never recovered. RIP sweet krzr.
  3. Age 16, the indestructible Nokia brick
    A friend gave me this phone after the krzr incident. I found a folder of saved texts and I read all the messages between her and a boy she had a crush on and DIDNT TELL HER and showed them all to my bf because I was a bit awful. This phone would not die. I lost it for a week and found it in my freezer, fine. Purse got stolen at a party, this fell out on the grass outside and a kind citizen walking his dog called my home to return it. Made many reappearances after I would break or lose phones.
  4. Age 17, Sony Ericsson Walkman
    I thought this phone was the SHIT. A friend of mine found this on a playground and gave it to me. I looked at the pictures and saw a picture of a kid I knew. I did not tell him and kept the phone for myself. I soon discovered the phone had an app where you could add graphics to your pictures. I added sunglasses and a gold chain to the picture of him, got his phone number, and anonymously sent him the picture of himself. Once again, I was a bit awful and and also creatively creepy.
  5. Age 18, LG neon
    Around my 18th birthday I convinced my mom to buy me a cool new phone after years of hand me downs from friends. I picked this beauty and I was IN LOVE with it. Full keyboard and touch screen and pink. So cutting edge. My exboyfriend was jealous which I loved. This little lady met its untimely end during my first week of university. It took a swim in some spilled alcohol. First the screen went, and then it decided that it would only made emergency calls. 911 really hated me. Sorry 911.
  6. Age 18, first blackberry
    Thus began my string of blackberries. My dad's old phone, God knows he wasn't about to pay for a new one. Highlight: BBM. The trackball would fall out anytime I dropped it (which was a lot). It's a miracle this survived as long as it did.
  7. Age 19-20, the craigslist blackberries
    Every time I would break or lose one, Craigslist always had my back. I had one in black, one in white, one in black and white.
  8. Age 20, fake blackberry
    In between the second and third craigslist berry, got for free at Rogers. I would use it as a back up and primary phone on and off for the next year or so.
  9. Age 21, blackberry bold
    At the height of the blackberry phase, when they still were objectively better than iPhone. I saved up for this baby. Left it in a McDonald's after a bar night on my second day with it. Called and had to prove to them it was mine by reciting the password which was "hahalol". Very hard to describe over the phone. This met a disastrous end on Halloween in the back of a taxi, never to be seen again.
  10. Age 20, iPhone 3G
    Thus began my love for the iPhone. Again, another hand me down from my dad. (Dude gets a new phone every month I swear). It was a terrible phone compared to my dearly departed blackberry bold. No flash, terrible camera, but so easy to use and I could have INSTAGRAM.
  11. Age 21, iPhone 4s
    Purchased with my hard earned money working at a tanning salon. Cracked the screen at a memorable pool party in Palm Springs. Was stolen from my purse in a target on the day my exboyfriend was arrested. Good day.
  12. Age 23, iPhone 5s
    Still rocking this baby 2 years later. Currently sporting a cracked screen being held together with scotch tape and no plans of being fixed or replaced. Girl's got bills to pay.
  13. Update! iPhone 6s in space grey
    Good news pals! I finally conned my credit card into thinking I had enough money for a new phone! But don't go thinking I have my shit too together, I'm still clicking "remind me later" on the update 4 months later.