Because if I dwell in anger about the state of the world I'll explode.
  1. My mom, who is infinitely cooler, stronger, and more FUN than I could ever hope to be. My true soulmate in this life.
    She likes to say that we are "identical on a cellular level" which is probably the best compliment I will ever receive.
  2. My dad, who has lived so many lives and travelled such an incredible journey, and who is always surprising me.
    The man who put himself through college on deans list and scholarships and campus jobs, who was an artist, a gallery curator, a teacher, who travelled the world, who was the only person to leave his hometown from his family. The man who taught me the "secret recipe" for pancakes, who sang me to sleep with the Beatles as lullabies, who is fierce in his convictions, and who drives like a maniac. My #1 guy.
  3. Having my sister home after 2 years away in the UK.
    Going to see her in London was gr8, going to Barcelona with her was life-changing, but not being in the same country on the random night when you just need to have a glass of wine and talk shit with your sister blows.
  4. Snow on a Friday!
    I don't have to drive anywhere, half the population of the school I work at doesn't show up, recess is all snow angels and snowmen and teamwork and happiness, everything is beautiful and soft and quiet, and the rest of the weekend I can stay cozied up in my own little world with hot chocolate and a book and Netflix.
  5. Date nights that make love feel fresh and new again
    Where you order so much food you could explode and have leftovers for the morning(!!!) and come home and stay up talking on the couch like a couple of teenagers and fall asleep there because you stayed up too late.
  6. Waking up too early on a Saturday
    And getting to lie in bed for a few guilt free hours before the day needs to start and errands and chores need to be done.
  7. These guys
    I mean.. The way these two love each other, it's just too much ❤️
  8. The people who resist and inspire and motivate.
    Thank you for moving me to action, for showing the world what is right. 🌎💗