1. Eating Chinese food on my couch watching glee
    This one has many components. A.) the fact that I'm alone eating Chinese food and watching glee B.) the season 1 Quinn storyline C.) the gross reality that your former fave puck is a truly awful human IRL D.) the eerie feeling of watching Finn very much alive when the contrary is true IRL E.) which then makes you contemplate the random and terrifying nature of life
  2. Watching my cat groom my kitten
    I mean.. He's taking care of her like a big brother! And they're not related!
  3. Realizing we were out of milk when I wanted to make chocolate chip pancakes and not wanting to go out in the windstorm to acquire more
    No use crying over spilled milk, but a lack of milk when trying to make pancakes? Well, that's fair game.
  4. Waking up in the morning with tears in my eyes and continuing to cry because hey it's already happening who am I to question it?
  5. Watching fuller house
    Don't try to tell me you watch this without wanting to cry at least once every episode. This isn't just me. It's real.
  6. When my date forgot we had a date
    This one is actually the least distressing on the list. This is like crying at an iPhone commercial. You have to, but it's not real emotion.