This list is ever expanding and ultimately very embarrassing
  1. Extra gum- the couple
    I can't with this. Their love story told through gum wrappers 💞 this commercial is more romantic than my entire life
  2. Extra gum- the father & daughter
    Extra does it again! The little box of collected swan gum wrappers! I'm a total daddy's girl so this gets me right where it hurts
  3. Budweiser drunk driving PSA
    That poor dog just wants his owner to come home! 😫
  4. Olympics athletes' commercials with their moms
    Moms are everything and any commercial that honors them, especially in such a cheesy, grand way, turns me into a useless pile of tears
  5. Clearblue pregnancy reveal
    Omg my poor heart. People finding out they're going to be grandparents is the single sweetest thing in the universe. There is nothing more overwhelming than seeing an old ass man cry from happiness. It gets me every time.
  6. Guinness wheelchair basketball game
    They're all playing basketball in wheelchairs so their friend isn't left out. Anyone who claims to not feel anything when they see this is a bold-faced liar.