From foods that I could care less about to foods that I regularly dream about.
  1. Raw broccoli*
    *can eat when cooked, much better in this form anyway
  2. Raw celery*
    *deciding that this asterisk will just mean that I can eat the item once the nutrients are completely stripped from its form
  3. Raw carrots*
    Not much of a loss once I discovered that carrots don't actually improve your eyesight, and I am therefore not losing my vision due to lack of carrot consumption.
  4. Lychee
    This was discovered by mistake at a biblestudy that I had never gone to. I silently suffered while strangers discussed God talking to them.
  5. Melons
    I miss watermelon, but who really cares about cantaloupe and honeydew?
  6. Bananas*
    I can still eat plantains, as long as they're not fresh. Same with banana bread.
  7. Plums
    New allergy this year! Should probably find out if this will spread to every fruit I enjoy.
  8. Almonds*
    Had a horrific episode with my epipen in which I felt like Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction. Also, *I can drink almond milk?
  9. Avocados
    The worst allergy in terms of reaction, avoidance, and frequent dreams in which I can freely eat them. This is also an explanation of my username, @avocadont