1. January
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    My birthday month as well as my golden year (not sure what that really means). To celebrate I went to Sundance.
  2. February
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    Not a particularly exciting month, perhaps aside from me desperately trying to grow out my pixie cut.
  3. March
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    I visited a friend in San Luis Obispo for the weekend, which was a relaxing escape from school.
  4. April
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    The Bates Motel art installation in Silver Lake. It was so cool to see them painting the trees and then watching everyone pull over to take pics.
  5. May
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    I graduated!!! My dad and my best friend flew out to see me and it was wonderful.
  6. June
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    We moved to Boyle Heights (though this particular photo is at MOCA). Gained some of my favorite beings to live with - seen here, @harlow, not seen, @andalsothomas @brianritzi @amand_arouie
  7. July
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    It was really hot. I got a second degree sunburn at the beach. And then Tame Impala swooped in and made everything ok.
  8. August
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    FYF! Kanye! FKA twigs!
  9. September
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    The super moon was pretty awesome.
  10. October
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    4/6 of the wonderful roommates in turtlenecks and French braids.
  11. November
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    I shot my first brand!
  12. December
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    My dad and I in my favorite spot in Seattle, shortly after seeing Star Wars.