I will keep adding to this
  1. Love lane
    Specifically love lane kitchen but good luck you'll need a reservation most likely. (In Mattituck)
  2. The Iron skillet
    Also on love lane, looks like a house bc it is. Very private home cooked meal style restaurant. Do a Google search and book a romantic reservation.
  3. The Long Road Cottage
    My family owns and operates this beautiful country rental but with the new 2 week rental laws it's been tough. I guess property rights don't even exist even when you pay the highest rates the I'm country.
  4. If you have little kids
    Vets beach in Mattituck has a playground, Greenport has a carousel and large boats at the docks for awe factor. Several farms and wineries have animals. Don't drive drunk please, and be aware that a LOT of people do drive drunk here.
  5. Sang Lee Farms
    In Peconic. Great if you are here for a long stay and need to stock up your fridge. They also offer demo classes from time to time.
  6. Summer Girl
    A by;the beach botique next to the famous restaurant Legends. This is located south of Cutchogue in New Suffolk. Turn south at the light in town and you will get a beatific view of Wickham ' orchards on your way. Drive slow !!
  7. The Market Greenport
    One stop shop on the north fork for organic lunch and groceries and gluten free snacks. Not a certified gluten free kitchen. Food will take longer here as everything is made to order and without microwaves of course. Juices, smoothies, salads, samdwhiches. Their chicken is amazing! Don't forget to tip the staff the jar is hard to notice!
  8. Orient State Park
    Orient in general is really beautiful. I haven't been to the state park in years but it was fun as a child and it's right at the end by the ferry so its a nice view too. Please don't litter!!! Orient has great places to bring a kayak or Canoe
  9. There are A LOT OF TICKS-the bad kind
    As far as a list of places to never go Dam Pond In East Marion will have you covered in ticks the size of almost nothing. You will probably need antibiotics after you leave if you visited us and did nature while you were here.
  10. There are a lot of deer
    When there isn't a car coming towards you, feel free to put your brights on (if they aren't shinning in houses too). They travel in packs and might run into your car for no reason or other people's cars.
  11. There are a lot of drunk drivers
    Remain alert and cautious. Be prepared for checkpoints.
  12. Be prepared for a very short drive to take kinda a long time ( sometimes)
  13. If you ride a bicycle hardcore
    Our shoulders are terrible. The roads are very narrow in some areas. Drivers generally do not like you. People drive crazy over here and do not pay a lot of attention. Please ride single file in the shoulder, not right on the edge of the line. For everyone's safety.
  14. Back to good stuff - the Skate Park
    The newly renovated Greenport skate park is a great place to drop off your angsty teen before you go shopping in town.
  15. Greenport Harbor Brewery
    Our local Beer. Behind the chase bank in Greenport and their new larger location in Peconic which is a nice place to chill for a while. There's a food truck there. And I see that dumb bar that you guys drink and pedal at the same time now. So have fun with that. Exercising while consuming alcohol on the side of a busy highway is absurd.
  16. Wai Jewelry
    You will find the owner working for another an amazing company called Lido in Greenport (for all your bohemian needs$$$) likely on Saturdays. Her name is Carolyn. She handmakes the most beautiful jewelry using chainmail, metal work, beachfinds, fruit pits, and other unique media. Sometimes the store let's her put on to the display but she has a Facebook and instagram and probably a website. She has done custom pieces. https://m.facebook.com/waimade/
  17. Magic Fountain
    Mostly Homemade ice cream. Famous already so be prepared I've seen long lines. Bad parking, park in the plaza across the street.
  18. Old Field Vineyards
    It's beautiful there. They also have wine but I don't drink.
  19. Literally there are wineries EVERYWHERE