Weird thoughts

to be continued. ...
  1. What if soy sauce had animals blood in it secretly and that's why all meat tastes so good with it.
  2. My cousin once told me there was pigs blood in Dr. Pepper. I believed her at the time because I was a child. Till this day it tastes a little weird. Although I don't drink soda anymore.
  3. I wonder if they really just give you ginger on the side of sushi because they know you'll eat too much raw fish and get a stomach ache
    Or at least only a few pieces of sushi makes me nauseous
  4. Why can't humans eat food their natural color? Why do we have to dye stuff to make it more pleasing?
    Just eat fruits and veggies for color. But also the white ginger is fine. Why are you dying it pink? No -I'm not even at a Japanese restaurant right now.