Hey there fellow Lister's, my name is Daniel Awad and this is me giving List a try. So far, I like the idea a lot and it's a nice change from the typical Instafacesnapbookchatgram that we are ever so glued to. I aim to share a whole lot about myself on here as well as my thoughts on current events and things going on around me. Thanks for reading!
  1. I'll start this list with some "favorites" of mine that I will touch on throughout my lists so this is just so you know what I'm into and whether or not you'll be into my lists.
  2. STREETWEAR is a big interest of mine and the one brand that always comes to mind when I think of Streetwear is The Hundreds. Ben and Bobby tell stories with clothing and each piece just reflects that California Culture that I strive to live and breathe.
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  3. SHOES are the piece of clothing that completes my outfit. Though it is hard to pick a favorite show of mine, there is always that one model of shoe that just keeps coming back and taking my money: The Nike Dunk. With hundreds of colorways, there's no way you can't find a pair to complete you.
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  4. PHOTOGRAPHY is an art that I appreciate the most and with so many styles and techniques, I was hooked! I always admired landscape photography and one man who specializes in that trade was Ansel Adams. He was the one that put me on to giving photography a try and I am thankful for his work.
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  5. BASKETBALL is my favorite sport and I have to say I have always been fairly good at the game. You should already know I'm a Los Angeles Lakers fan but I thought I'd remind you.
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  6. VIDEOGAMES are what keep me feeling like I'm 10 still and I don't see myself ever giving them up. I love Racing games as well as Platformers and RPG's. The best series I've dealt with so far is the Fallout series and if you love videogames and haven't played Fallout 3 yet, what are you doing with your life?
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  7. I could go on and on with these favorites! I'll just make this PART 1 of the list and I'll try to continue tomorrow. Thanks for reading!
  8. MUSIC is a big part of my life and when asked what I listen to, I can't lie so I say a little of everything. I can say though that House music has always been my favorite and my all time favorite DJ is Kaskade. Nothing compares to the kind of magic that he produces!
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  9. FOOD is a tough one to single out because I just love food in general but I am always drawn to the flavors that are combined in an Italian dish so yeah Italian definitely has to be up there as a favorite of mine.
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  10. COLOR! We see color everywhere and that's all I have to say for that (not trying to get all artsy and rave about how certain colors affect our lives) But green is definitely my color and I'll put it on almost everything.
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  11. MOVIES are something that lets us take a break from real life and I love me all that good stuff that isn't real... Yet. Yeah you guessed it, Science Fiction!
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  12. ENGLISH: No, not my favorite language but actually my favorite subject. I love to write and read a good book from time to time. Basically, I enjoy all that is not math related. The best I could do is word counting.
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  13. Well that's it for now, I gave you 10 favorites of mine! I'm sure many more will come up as I continue putting these lists together. ✌️