After a long and stressful 2015 filled with challenging classes and layoffs, It's safe to say things are looking pretty good for 2016!
  1. I passed all my classes!
    My fall semester was a long and challenging one but I really cracked down on finals and came out strong! (I'm patting myself on the shoulder right now)
  2. I got a new job!
    Catch me at your neighborhood BevMo! It's seasonal but with my skills, I'm a keeper 👌
  3. I'm gonna have a new baby cousin!
    Little Rose will be born in early February and I'm so excited 😁
  4. I'm going on a trip to Big Bear!
    I have never been in the snow (I know, I just said that) and this trip with friends will pop my snow cherry so I'm super stoked for that!
  5. Here's to greater things in 2016! ✌️