Two weeks into this semester and I thought I'd assess the damage...
  1. No books yet
    I need my textbooks but they haven't landed in my hands from God yet. Is money an issue? Nooooo! ...okay maybe just a bit of an issue
  2. English 1A
    I love English so this is automatically my favorite class this semester. The professor is fun to listen to and she is clear with what she wants so those are both a plus. The downside is that most of the work done at home is from the textbooks so I'm already losing 👎
  3. Intro to Journalism
    Easily my second favorite class this semester because journalism duhhh! The professor knows his shit because he works for the school paper and I know I'm getting the most bang for my buck with him 👍
  4. Contemporary Film History
    Covering films from 1950's to today, this class is really interesting and I look forward to seeing some classic films! I have seen North By Northwest by Hitchcock so we're off to a good start.
  5. Thankfully I have no problem with any of my classes so I'm optimistic that things will go smoothly this semester so long as I get those books by this week ✌️