You're perfect and you deserve better. Tell them through R&B.
  1. "Why Don't You Love Me" - Beyonce
    People sleep on this song, favoring the fully appreciated "Irreplaceable" when looking for "I'm too fly for this shit" angst. But this is the jam. And the video? Don't get me started.
  2. "Unappreciated" - Cherish
    A little wannabe Destiny's Child? Don't mind if I do! Cherish was this girl group of all sisters (all? Most? Cousins? Who knows) and I had this song on my iPod shuffle. The 2000s were a weird time.
  3. "Without Me" - Fantasia
    MISSY ELLIOTT IS ON THIS SONG GET INTO IT and if you know anything about American Idol icon Fantasia's messy personal life, you know this song be shady as hell.
  4. "I'm Out" - Ciara
    NICKI MINAJ IS ON THIS SONG GET INTO IT. I don't actually know if this song is underappreciated, but I don't hear it in the club anywhere near enough.
  5. "I Shoulda Cheated" - Keyshia Cole
    Jay-Z's sister sings about this no good man and his no good paranoia. This was also on my iPod shuffle.
  6. "Shake It Off" - Mariah Carey
    In the wake of the Taylor Swift smash of the same name, I feel we've forgotten that Mimi was shakin' it off when Taylor was still singing "Fifteen." This remains a jam for the ages.
  7. "Lost One" - Jay-Z
    The only dude on the list. It's not R&B but it's a sad take on rap braggadocio that I appreciate.