Drove from Winnipeg (Canada) to Minneapolis/St. Paul (USA) with the bestie to see Adele for the first show on the North American leg of her tour
  1. Had complimentary breakfast
    I ❤️ breakfast! Even more when it's free!
  2. Worry about ticket being valid
    Couldn't get regular ticket (tried for 10 hours over 2 days for multiple cities), resorted to spending a LOT of money for a crappy seat on Stub Hub. Ticket arrived 3 days later. Is it real? My friend managed to get one through Ticketmaster and she wasn't able to print it until 2 weeks before the concert. Mine was fed-exed to me from the States 6 months ago. 😒
  3. Headed to Mall of America for a bit of shopping
    Always a must when we come to Minneapolis
  4. This turned into 5 hours
  5. Left Mall of America to go back to hotel only to drive into severe thunderstorm weather
    Uh yeah, could barely see the road sometimes and at one point we almost got pushed off the road by the wind! But that will not keep us away from Adele. Tornado weather or not, WE ARE COMING FOR YOU ADELE!
  6. Dropped off stuff and got ready
    Got back to the hotel, for both reasons above, now we have no time to nap or get beautified! Bare minimum makeup and hair it is!
  7. Worry about ticket being valid
    Serious side-eye about this ticket. Better get to the arena really early in case it's not real and I have to try and figure something else out. PLEASE be real!!!! 😬
  8. Rain tapered off, yay! Run to the car
    Yay! Thanks for stopping long enough for us to run out to the car without getting soaked!
  9. Drive to Excel Energy Center, encounter sever weather AGAIN!
    Wtf twin cities??? It's like you don't WANT us to see Adele! Again, can barely see the road.
  10. Worry about ticket being valid
    It's gonna be real. It's gonna be real. It's gonna be real. 🎤 It's gonna be me 🎤 oops, not now Backstreet Boys!
  11. Find parking, hurrah!!! Rain tapered off again, yay!!! Dash into venue
    Okay, maybe you DO want us to see Adele, cause now the rain has stopped again, just in time for us to run in!!! Perfect timing!
  12. Stress about ticket being valid, go through security check get ticket scanned, moment of truth.....
    Ohmigod, Ohmigod, Ohmigod! Act cool, dummy!
  13. I'm in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Eeeeeeeeee! High five the bestie!
  14. First things first, Merch table!
    Wait too long, find out it'll be open afterwards, done!
  15. Time to go check out our seats
    Need to see how far away we are from each other since we're not sitting together. First the besties, then mine. Not bad, we're almost the same, except I'm one section higher. Try to trade for the better seat 😇 it doesn't work 😡
  16. Must get food
    I'm starving and I did not bring snacks! I need to eat now or I'll never make it through the show. And I am NOT missing a single second of Adele!
  17. Say goodbye 😥
    Have fun in your CLUB seat, biatch! 😝 .... Whatsapp me! 😊
  18. Find my seat, sit and wait
    Hmm, not bad, I'm at the end of the two.
  19. And wait
    Maybe she's running late because of the rain? Thank you Excel Energy Center for the free wifi. Might as well catch up on social media
  20. And wait
    Maybe they're waiting to start because people might've been delayed by the rain? I hope she comes soon, I've caught up on all my social media, getting bored and I want to see Adele!
  21. Stop making me stand up!!!
    Okay, maybe being on the end isn't the best. I've had to stand up like 15 times now. I'm over it! 😡
  22. Why are people clapping?
    Seriously! I don't see ANYTHING! Is she there? Why are you taking pictures? I don't see ANYTHING!!! Where's Adele? WHAT DO YOU SEE?????
  23. Hello......it's me
    ADELE!!!!!!!!!!!! She's here! It's starting! She's AMAZING! There are no words
  24. She's a chatty Kathy and I like it!
    She's so down to earth. Talking to the crowd as though we're her besties. And she's SO FUNNNY! And she swears!!! Move over bestie, I have a new bestie and her name is Adele. She just doesn't know it yet!
  25. I want to part of the Kenny family!
    Adele just pulled all 6 of them up on stage! They're getting hugs! And selfies! I'm so jealous!
  26. Why are so many people getting up? Wtf???
    Seriously! This is ADELE! Why are you not listening to her witty repartee? She's hilarious and awesome and I hate you right now for ruining all my videos with your walk-throughs. Not cool. Sit your butt back down and adore. Forget about the pee and beer breaks
  27. Omg, she's going to give this Australian couple tickets to her (probable) show in Australia!!!
    What about us? We drove all the way from Canada! And we didn't even get to sit together! They have FRONT ROW SEATS!!!! TOGETHER! I'm far away in no-man's land! 😭
  28. I'm not going to lie
    I might've almost cried a few times because her voice and those songs are 🙌🙌🙌
  29. And now she's taken 5 minutes of her time to pose so people in the crowd can get selfies with her
  30. She was at Mall of America!?!?!
  31. Don't be over yet!
    I'm not ready for it to be done! 😭 I need more! I ❤️ you!
  32. Accept that it's over and move on
    Not willingly, but people in my row want to leave, so I guess it's time to go find my former bestie.
  33. Go hang out at a pub while waiting for traffic to clear
    Discuss every moment, every song, everything that she said!
  34. Complain about former bff not switching seats with me 😡
    Former bff had better seat, better people (the girls next to her adopted her for the show) and NO ONE near her got up! 😡😝
  35. Drive back to hotel
    Singing Adele at the top of our lungs the entire way. Can't get enough
  36. Be thankful
    Even though I paid a shit ton of money for my ticket, and it wasn't the best seat and we couldn't sit together, I'd do it all over again! So many people weren't able to get tickets and I know how lucky I am to have been able to go!
  37. Contemplate trying to get tickets for tomorrow's show
    No joke. We are broke, but we really debated it. In the end, broke-ness won out, but only by a sliver