They announced a new album last night at the festival Justin Vernon aided in the creation of, Eaux Claires. I'm pretty excited, to say the least.
  1. Dear Bon Iver,
    Justin Vernon, I'm looking at you here.
  2. Bon Iver's music has made all the difference.
  3. I heard "Skinny Love" and I was hooked.
  4. For Emma, Forever Ago remains, to this day, this many years later, one of my favorite albums. My love for it is only surpassed by...
  5. Bon Iver, Bon Iver
  6. The album cemented one of my friendships. In 2011, I was 21 and my best friend just broke up with her boyfriend (he was an idiot; she was upset anyway).
  7. The album was playing in my car as I drove my friend, who was weeping and wine drunk, through the winding roads of the Appalachian Mountains near our city in Maryland.
  8. We drove through the darkness and the album played on.
  9. We held hands, because sometimes you just need to hold hands with someone.
  10. "Minnesota, WI" has one of my favorite introductions of all time. My friend and I bonded over the seductive voice of Vernon crooning to us through my Toyota's speakers.
  11. I have listened to Bon Iver, Bon Iver from beginning to end more than any other album I own (even more than when I was obsessed with [i still am obsessed] with Simon and Garfunkel's Greatest Hits).
  12. I get chills listening to "Holocene".
  13. I get Este Haim bass face when I listen to "Beth/Rest" because I am in. the. moment. when I am hearing the song.
  14. I saw Bon Iver play at Merriweather Post Pavilion with my best friend. We held hands, as people are wont to do. It was a really, really good show. It made me feel. Not a lot of things get to me at such a level, but that show, at that venue, on that night, did.
  15. So when Vernon announced that the band was on permanent - possibly - hiatus it was sad, but I soldiered on, knowing that I had Bon Iver, Bon Iver to comfort me.
  16. Then Repave from Vernon's other band Volcano Choir came out. And I listened to that bad boy a whole bunch.
  17. And then "Heavenly Father" came out from Bon Iver came out on the Wish I Was Here album!!
    I love the song. I love that movie's soundtrack. I love the movie.
  18. And Eaux Claires inaugural festival happened.
  19. And some tour dates were announced.
  20. And the second festival was announced.
  21. And some more dates showed up. And that Francis and the Lights song/video exists.
  22. And then last night, they dropped two singles, played the full new album live, and I wish so much that I were there for that.
  23. But it's okay.
  24. Because I'm ordering the album on vinyl when it comes out on September 30 (!!!!).
  25. And listening to the digital download.
  26. And I'm excited because they said they weren't going to do music anymore, and yet — here we are!
  27. I just hope I can see Bon Iver play live again, because really, the music made all the difference for me.
  28. Thank you,
  29. Elizabeth