Inspired by @CarolynH
  1. Lifeguard at the YMCA (14-19)
    One time my coworkers put fish in the pool. It was terrible. Better memory: I played a lot of Pokemon in the guard chair when the pool had no visitors (read: often).
  2. Lifeguard at a beautiful 100+ year old building with the indoor pool on the second floor(!!) (19-20)
    It was a beautiful pool. I worked evenings during the week and from 9-5 on Saturdays. Not many people came to the pool in the afternoons, but in the morning this group of older people would come in and do laps and I loved them.
  3. Nanny in a Baltimore Suburb (21)
    Watching the Olympic opening ceremony and cheering when the Spice Girls performed. The kids I watched didn't know who they were. 😭 Bonus memory: I watched Monty Python a lot and fell in love with the group all over again. 😁
  4. Long term substitute in Maryland (21-22)
    Teaching grades 9 and 11. A student wrote an epic about a Pokemon battle. I LOVED it. I also once broke up a fight and got pushed into a chalkboard.
  5. Long term substitute in Ohio (23)
    I taught kindergarten. Holy cow. What a job. My students were cute and learning to behave. It was heartbreaking and inspiring. I'll write a full list about this job some day. Anyway, my memory: dancing "The Gummy Bear Song" (look it up, get it stuck in your head) every day as a treat for the kids who did their work. I still remember the dance. 💃🏼
  6. English Teacher (23-26)
    Best memory: getting the call telling me I got the job. I almost screeched into the phone. I love my job. My students are exceptional.