It would have been exactly a year, but I kept being busy while trying to finish this.
  1. This is two days after my listiversary.
  2. This app has been influential to me in my return to writing.
  3. While I don't write my poems on here, I am writing them and that's what's important.
  4. Thanks, @bjnovak and @dev for designing an app that brought me back to writing.
  5. This is a great community, filled with caring, kind people.
  6. I appreciate everything you all have written.
  7. Thanks for being fabulous.
  8. Without this app, I would have never put digital pen to paper. Here are some of my favorite lists that I wrote during my year and two days with this app:
  9. Where I ask the real, thought provoking questions.
  10. I can't wait to teach Lear again.
  11. Giphy
    Because songs are neat. In reference to the bonus song: the Pennsylvania Polka isn't stuck in my head anymore.
  12. Update on leg beard: it comes back every once in awhile.
  13. This is perhaps my favorite list, because I have thought thoughts on this dream for so long.
  14. And finally, this list, dedicated to the true masterpieces. I WATCHED A MARATHON OF MY BIG FAT AMERICAN GYPSY WEDDING
    When asked how many episodes I watched of this show in one day, I answered not with a number, but the word "enough".
  15. I hope I'll be around here, still listing in another year and two days!