Because all of the cool kids are doing it.
  1. I'm from SW Pennsylvania. I've lived in Maryland. I'm now located in Ohio. OH-IO.
  2. I'm an English teacher.
    I teach ages 12-18 and all female students. My days are fun, frustrating, and make me happy to be a teacher. 📚
  3. I'm getting married in July.
    The guy I'm marrying is pretty cool. And he has a beard.
  4. We put our cat Pickle to sleep recently, after he was engaged in a swift, frustrating battle with feline leukemia.
    He was half deaf and his meows sounded like a human scream sounds.
  5. I like the List App. It's the perfect outlet for me, because it lacks the pressure of Facebook and has all the features for a social media platform I could want.
    I prefer typing my List titles in all capital letters.