Hooray, another year closer to 30.
  1. I've had relatively happy birthdays. It's been pretty neat.
  2. My favorite birthday as a kid: seventh birthday. My parents threw me a really cool party at a resort near my hometown. It was a swimming party. I had the most beautiful cake that had a cornucopia of flowers on top.
  3. My most memorable birthday: when I was in high school, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. For my seventeenth birthday (a few weeks after my diagnosis), my parents got all of my extended family to come visit. It was amazing.
  4. My favorite gift: there have been many, but for my seventeenth birthday, my boyfriend at the time got me a light saber and a copy of On the Road. Thanks Josh. 💙
  5. I share my birthday with: the fabulous @LupitaNyongo! How cool is that? Also I have the same birthday as Ron Weasley! Additionally, Justin Bieber shares a birthday with me. My students like to point this out to me.